Friday, October 24, 2014

Painted glass table top

Every girl has a dream to have a perfect cozy home. Well, atleast i do dream about it all the time! 
I've always dreamed and yearned to have a perfect, beautiful BUT a modular house. But being a newly wedded bride i couldnt just toss away all my jewellery and sophistication and sink myself back into paint cans and tool boxes wearing a pj... I had to give myself and my inlaws a few months to slowly get used to of my crazy but creative side... 
So to just take a start toward decorating a new house I select my bedroom night stand to have new look. Wondering why new furniture would need a new look.. thats because I was bored of its looks *grins* 
(Secret: i actually spilled thinner on my side nightstand and it looked HORRIBLE) well, you know now.. but its a "hushhh hushhh" thing ;)

Soooo.... another thing i would tell you is I LOVE DAMASK PATTERN. Once you'll go ahead on my journey you'll witness it yourself. Now coming towards the tabletop... i just took the measurements of my tables and got the glass. And drew a damask motif on a paper of desired size.
The technique I used was reversed glass painting. I used a glitter liner to trace my design pattern glass.
Then painted 2 coats of white paint on it.
And TADAAAAA...!!!

The glitter liner gives a REALLY AHHH MAAA ZIINNNN effect when used in reverse technique.
Sorry i coudnt post before and after pics as forgot to click the before and its been a month i made these.
But you can picture the before version of top as  the same color of legs. Plain gold.

The supplies needed for this project are:
Glass according to measurement
a glitter glass liner
white acrylic paint
a paper and pencil to trace design.
and just a bit of hardwork  ;)

Do share your work if you ever try something similar.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who am i?

Hello there!  :)
I am a Pakistani dreamer residing in Kuwait.

Basically I am a self taught person and my love for art was what led me to explore techniques and procedures of how beautiful art pieces come into being.
And with that love of art, in the beginning used to design small mirrors, frames, gifts for my friends and family and then kept on exploring and discovering the gift, the talent, God hid within me. A greater hand in my improvement was of my parents who never restricted from doing or trying anything. They always supported me to every extent possible as long as it did'nt concern my safety e.g working with drills, saws etc. ;)

Now that I got married recently to the love of my life and blessed with equally amazing in-laws who cherish every bit of my talent i plan on polishing myself more.

My blogs are going to be a record of my journey, my dreams, as i keep improving and introducing myself to new skills. I'll be sharing my past and current diy (do-it-yourself) projects and experiences with different materials, tools and in different creative fields.

New requests for tutorials are more than welcome and questions would be answered as soon as i read them!

Oh and thats Mr. Maaoon, my little baby.. say hi to maaoon ;)