Wednesday, November 19, 2014

gysum water proofing + antiquing technique


2 saturdays gone and not a single thing posted. I really need someone to kick my butt for being so lazy. Its a new blog and i really should be posting ATLEAST once a week but as i said i need someone one to kick me.
Anyhow... this was supposed to be a saturday surprise post, and is 2 posts combined because again i am too lazy to post 2 different posts for a single topic. 
I went shopping last week for my class and came across a gypsum ornaments shop. gypsum (also known as plaster) ornaments are the lovely and amazingly detailed gypsum moulding that most of the time we see in expensive hotels on ceilings or walls. They seem to be hand carved and HELL EXPENSIVE because of the amazing details. But i literally fell in love with allll those beautiful medallions and corners and frames when i heard their prices. These things are suuuuuper cheap... super super super cheap... and they can replace soooo many of expensive decorative things in our houses. But we always have negative side, they're super fragile as well... you must handle them carefully until installed.
The word cheap and me  were meant for eachother. Because once i find a cheap thing i wont stop using it ever... i mean come on who doesnt want to save a few pennies when this world is hit so bad by inflation (i know that was too dramatic, but thats what i am :D)
So my project 1 is waterproofing gypsum..
as soon as i reached home i started googling  for ways to waterproof it, but all in vain! Couldnt find a single thing on internet (google owner! Plz kill yourself for not having anything about this problem)
So i decided to experiment with it.

Can you believe this beauty just costs a 100fils (0.34 usd for my international readers)

Even i asked the salesman twice when he said the price. Anyway... i bought a few of these and broke one into 5 pieces as you can see.
I painted
1. With oil based primer
2. With oil based gloss paint
3. With water based satin paint
4. With primer and same oil paint
5. With primer and same water paint
Submerged them in water for a few minutes. What i found was no.4 worked the best. As i plan to use it in my bathroom makeover i'll go for primer+oil paint and a coat of varnish for extra protection.
End of project 1.

Now the project2 is what i did with my students
An antique style mirror.
Yup! Its the same white gypsum thing :)
Andddd did you see my new watermark.. isnt it perfection :')
(I am the kind of person who would praise her stuff even if no one else does:p)

Material required:
A mirror (mine was 20×20 cm)
Gypsum beauties
Black acrylic paint + brush
golden spray paint
a plastic bag
Patex or silicone glue (NEVER USE GLUE GUN ON MIRRORS, It just wont hold)
And some pearls, stones or glass liner if you plan to add more details (optional)

First of all paint your ornament with black acrylic paint. Cover the bottom as well as it would show in the mirror if left uncovered.

Now take a plastic bag crumble it and spray a little spray paint on it. Quickly start dabbing on ornament for the look of old chipped paint. Keep in mind that use of plastic bag is to only highlight the details and not covering the whole surface with golden.

Now stick your beauties using patex or silicone on two opposite corners to make a frame. Stick the stones or extra decorative stuff as you desire. I used half cut pearls, spray painted them to match my theme (the reason why spray paints are my eternal love:') )

Last and most important step, pat yourself on back and be proud of your creativity...! :)
The details.

And a bit of my photography. Oh yes i also tried heart bokeh for the first time, that is why it was a must to click a few more pretty pictures ;)
Redddd... thats my fav lippie.. can give up on any look just to wear that! ^_^

Do share your work with me if you try any of my ideas. And comment what do you think about it :)

And an exciting news... i am hoping to get featured on linkup party at  <>
The amazing site full of creativity that actually inspired and pushed me to start blogging. I hope i make it! :')