Wednesday, January 28, 2015

upcycled nightstands with recycled dvds

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I wanted to do this post looooong ago, but if i had posted it earlier it would only be titled as "upcycled nightstands". Yes. Because i did the dvd addition last night. Nightstand and dvd, sounds bad.
But this bad combo turned awesome.
Its a long post but detailing is a required, so please, bear with me :)
Let me show you the "before" first
My husband, Sunny, is REALLY REALLY REALLY sceptical about having anything second hand. And i am trying hard to change his aspect by my work. Wish me luck.
My idea of decorating and designing is getting perfect matches and that too with in the budget.
why settle for less when you can have the exact size  and look and that too in your budget. Its is better to buy old stuff and renovate it than buying something new, expensive and still compromising on either quality or appearance, be it size, color, look etc.
plus it gives you SOOOOOO many chances to explore your own creativity :')
LOVE upcycling.
Back to these beauties, i bought them for 2 kd each.
Yes. 4 kd in total. You can read it again. I know you're in shock. Take time to recover and keep reading.
And this is what it looks like now

My old night stands were bounding me to keep my room setting same, as they were too large to be kept with the bed on the other smaller wall. So i bought these and they now fit like a glove with the bed on the other wall.
a few new terms definition for beginners:
Sanding: rubbing the sanding paper vigorously to roughen up the surface and remove old paint. There is are special machines aswell for it and i am on a hunt for one.
Primer: a paint kind of thing, provides better coverage for new color and prepares the surface for better adhering of new paint.
Lets get to the work now.
Sanding paper 400-600 grit.
wood putty
Oil based primer
Paint (water based full gloss)
 Clear Varnish
3 brushes 2 inch wide.

1. Remove all the hardware. Check if you have any old cracks or breakage. Use putty to fill it. Apply putty with spatula. I didnt have any cracks so i dont have a picture to share.
2. SANDING. Let the putty dry and sand the tables to roughen up old varnish or polish. Sanding makes sure your new paint adheres well and is durable.
3. Primer. Use oil based primer. Visit any paint shop and ask them for this list of supplies. Easily available. Thin your primer using thinner. After the first coat of primer dries, sand it again and apply the second coat. Give atleast 3 coats of primer to get full coverage of old color. The picture below shows the look after 2 coats of primer.
4. Paint those little rascals... yeahhhh paint em upppp... (that was a little other side of me :p)
5. Apply varnish. Thin it with thinner before using.

This is what it looked like when i completed it and was wondering how to decorate it.
I dont know if it looked good this way but being a decoroholic, i definitely wanted something on it.

6. Drill a hole in the middle of your drawer. I am using knob. For handles, mark for two holes. Put tiny drops of paint on handles screw area and place it where you want your handle. You will get the exact marks this way. Its a tip. Always remenber it :)

Now begins the fun designing part.
Supplies for that:
Old dvds
Golden spray paint

1. Spray paint the shiny side of dvd. You'll get to see amazing cracking effect take place as the paint dries.
I was all in love with it. As i told earlier, i did it last night and it was an experiment. I HAD to use complete disks somewhere and my plain side tables were the perfect place for it.
I removed the knobs first and and stuck it using my glue gun and then screwed the knob back.
One thing. When we cut dvd into smaller pieces its gets separated in two layers. Save the other layers pieces too as they are probably the shiny layer's.
I'll be saving it for my other project.

i cut the leaves out and stuck them with super glue. Do not use glue gun, as your tables are varnished. Glue gun wont hold on a glossy surface. Then to give a more finished look, sprayed a few rhinestones and stuck them, as shown.

Sit back and praise your hard work.

Share your projects on my fb page if you try out any upcycling.


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

diy velvet band

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The toughest part of writing a blog is... how to begin :/ you have no idea how many times i write and erase the beginning of every post. All this pain because i love you all so much, no seriously, i really do :)

Time for some serious stuff. This post is basically a recycling project.
Have a look at the list of supplies:

 A piece of velvet.
Some gems and stones
thumb tacks
glue gun
andddd a button... you cant see it above because i got it later.

1. Soften your strip by pressing it. Keep the side A an inch extended from the strip. Now stick the sides "B" on "D". Fold the side "C" again on "D". Apply some glue on the edge of side A to close its open end. DO NOT STICK IT ON "D". Leave it extended.

2. Stick a stone on the outer side of band in the middle to make the center for your flower. Apply a drop of glue on its edge. Take a thumb tack and place where you applied glue and press it in, in a slanting position as shown below.

Keep overlapping tacks until a flower is made.

Add more stones and flowers as desired

3.Make a slit on the edge you left extended earlier.

 And stitch a button on the other end.

Enjoy! ;)
There are a million ways to recycle everything around us and a reason one must recycle is to save our planet from pollution :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

hiding window AC

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This is no pretty pretty post so expect no beauty :p
Well, could ad beauty to your room upto some extent.
While doing my room renovation i was getting real sick of my ugly window AC. Believe it or not but stuff like this can really get on my nerves and is enough to keep me awake all night, thinking how to deal with such a mess.
See that monster in corner, isnt it enough to make you cry :'(

Lets begin:
All you need is a 1 inch thick thermacol sheet (available in dasman complex, kuwait city)
A lace/net material and you glue gun.
Take the measurements of your AC.

Mine were:
Length×depth : 86×15
Width×depth: 46×15
Keep your sheets 3 cm bigger than the measured size.
Cut the sheet accordingly.
Form a frame gluing the ends to each other.
Stick the fabric covering the outer frame as well.
Andddd youre done... 


You can see a loose edge with the wall, its because i didnt have enough space to fit thermacol. I left it open and just glued the fabric on the rest of the frame. Yes... i Have to remove the tv tag, will remove it when i complete that shelf and post about it *grins*
Yeahhhh... another tutorial! ;)

Note: i used net/lace fabric because of the very obvious reason: letting the air pass through.
You can now go make your own AC cover while i sit peacefully and enjoy looking at it :')


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Night lamp stands

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I just dont like lamps on side tables and i just dont know why :|
Replacing the wall lamps with table lamps was a tough decision but i was all cool when i thought of this idea.

It added the pop of color that i wanted on my wall.
Supplies needed:
2 pieces of ply wood or mdf ( 19mm)
Paints (glossy)
gypsum corner
spray paints
PVA/wood glue

1. Paint the wood. 2 coats each.
2. Apply the wood glue on the edges where you plan to join them.
3. Spray paint the gypsum corner (i used the left over from THIS project) and stick it on the back wood panel.
4. Press the thumbpins on the edges and hammer it to give a neat look.

In love with the look... Hubby loved it alot as well... loved it when he takes interest and appreciates my effort :')
You can see this lamp's makeover here.

I hope you are enjoying these little touches ive given in my new room... i am still working on the major ones till then just bare with me and enjoy these tid bits.


Table lamp revamp

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Why buy matching stuff when you can TURN THE OLD INTO GOLD!

Not really old actually, i had these brand new lamps not even opened. But anyway i needed new lamps, not because i didnt like my old wall lamp babies, but because i wanted something new.

Say hello to this baby... who is about to get transformed.
Supplies needed:
A lamp
Golden spray paint
White multi surface gloss enamel
White acrylic paint
A net/lace
1.Spray paint the wooden areas.

2. Paint the glass area with gloss enamel. And the shades with white acrylic paint. 3 coats of paint on shades and 2 coats of enamel on glass.

4. Spray paint the inside of shades with golden spray paint.
The part of these lamps that literally made me jump out of joy was that the inner rim that sits under the bulb was adjustable. I rotated it and it totally changed the look of lamp.
This is how normal lamps are.
This is how i adjusted it...

5. Wrap the lace/net fabric around the lamp and spray paint it. You have no idea how many things i've done using this idea. Wait for the future posts and i bet you will start keeping a can of spray paint and lace material in your purse :p

And thats how my lamp shades are placed on top.

6. Add something decorative if desired. I used a faux crystal chain usually available with florists. Comes in a metre size. Its loops are what make it best to use. i wrapped it only at the bottom and hung the extras on it.

Ive build that stand specially for these lamps. I just dont like lamps sitting on nightstands.
Find the instructions HERE

Do share if you redo any of your lamp or use these techniques to create something even more amazing. Post it on my page and amaze me :)


Glittered Makeup organizer

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If you don't have anything made of Glitter,
Then you're living your life wrong.

How can someone get enough of it... i mean if i had edible glitters available, i'd had every single color in it. YES!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I love glitter that much :')
And the amount of glitter i've used in past nights i must have glitter running through my vains too😂
Anyway lets start the REAL post.
I love makeup and i have alot of it and yes i love to display it! :)
So here's some thing i made with almost a cost of almost 1 kd.
Well the cost is for your idea, it didnt cost me ANYTHING AT ALL...!!!! Yeah... all left over..B)

List of supplies:

A box. (Dig up the house and fine a round one :D)
Foam board (a small piece of thick and a large thin one)
PVA glue
craft wires(no idea what the real name is)
Aluminum foil's cardboard roll (i used my left over gypsum stripes)
Fabric, paper stock, gift wraps etc... anything wud do.
How to:
1.Take the thick foam board piece and stick the rolls on two edges to make a stand. In my case the gypsum strips worked superb. Stick the box on the stand.

2. Cut the shelves measuring the depth and length of box. Keep arranging things on each shelf to check the space required between shelves. Stick them using alooooot of glue. Shoud be strong enough to bare the weight of stuff.

3. Apply PVA glue in thick layer in each portion and throw in alot of glitter. Move the box in all directions ans glitter will spread itself evenly.

4.wrap up your box in desired material i used golden card stock. Use the same material to top your shelves too.

Because cutting the exact size is too mainstream...!
Always measure before cutting

5. Cover the shelf edges with craft wire.

6. Your box should be ready by this step but because i was getting sceptical about the metallic look outside. I used a floral white net to cover it... and it looked really good.

you own a totally glammy glittery makeup organizer :D

Sorry for the low quality front image... i forgot to take one last night! :| 
anyway look at that pretty thing... how can you ignore it and not make one???
Make one and upload pictures on my page .. i'd love to see the creativity flowing all over the world...!