Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pin cushion with storage.

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Once upon a time, when I was single, my vanity was a disaster and what I lost the most was MY SCARF PINS. It has always been a pain to store them.
Finally pinterest gave me a good idea and i came up with my version of it.
A pin cushion.
Love the subtle beauty pearls add to anything.

Here's what you need:
A  small piece of cardboard.
Some cotton ball.
2 different fabrics. One must be sheer and soft. 
A box or jar.
Decorative stuff. I used large pearls.

1.Cut the cardboard according to the side of your's box/jar's lid.
2. With a little glue on cardboard stick the cotton balls on it.
3. Cover the cotton balls with soft fabric piece and stick the parallel ends at the back of the cardboard.

4. Stick the other 2 sides as well.

5. Now apply some glue on the lid and attach this cute tiny cushion on it.
6. Wrap the sides of the box in the other selected fabric. Trim from the top and bottom to the level of its edges.
7. Glue the pearls at the edge of the cushion usinging alot of glue.
And you're done 

L.O.V.E IT!!!!
Did i ever tell you how much i LOVE cheetah print :')
So much that I did it on my room walls a few months before i got married. 

And that reminds me of plan about posting it pictures and writing a tutorial on it. 
Another addition to my pending post list.
i hope you love me enough to give me some time and wait for a while 0:)

Anyway, now you just look around grab this stuff and get some pins in place and post it on my fb wall once you're done :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

faux metal candle holders

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I've started sooo many projects and haven't completed any yet. reason is i am the kind of person who would wait for ages for the last, final AND THE PERFECT touches a thing needs to look absolutely marvelous. i do rush into building new stuff but i think over and over again about what exactly the finished look should be, hence, it takes agessss....!
This is a small project and literally didn't cost me a penny. Top most reason of recycling is the projects costs from little to nothing.

A faux metal candle holder made with news papers and card board rolls

Closeup... stylish one ;)

Supplies needed:

News papers
Card board rolls
PVA glue
some different sized objects to make rings

andddddd don't forget my favvvvv spray paint.

1. cut your news papers into half, now start making a tube of one half by rolling it slowly from one corner.

Secure the end with PVA glue. 

2. Start wrapping the paper tube around your desired size object. i used for different bottles. and one was my nail color's bottle that was square. stick the end with glue, hold for a few seconds to let the glue dry.

3. Make different sizes of rings according to your design. here are a few i made with my students.

use a pencil to make the tealight holder
the one i did with my students in class.

some prettiness :')

4, Cut some cardboard rings if  available. I had two different sizes so i used them here to add a extra detail,

5. Arrange and stick using glue gun. i made this design to be placed on the side of a huge picture frame above my headboard.
6. SPRAY PAINT. in the picture above, left one is unpainted and right one is painted.
7. DECORATE. i had penny sized mirrors and being a mirror lover, I HAD to use these. Pretty little babies,

finished project:

That sketch was a gift from me to hubby on our wedding reception... ahhhh... those memories...! :')

share your work if you make any on my fb page. i'd love to see your awesome stuff


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jewellery organization

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Ever fought with long tangled chains. Only another addition in the stress of already stressful life. And i have another stress in my life, i always forget wearing bangles, bracelet or watch. And managing all correctly gets even worse when you dont have enough space.
To ease all these pains i came up with single idea i.e utilize the maximum of what i already have.

2 wire hangers
a rod, wood stick, aluminium foil roll or whatever available.
a decorative paper. 
Spray paint 

Figure out which side of wire in heading up to the curvy end. Keep that side longer and cut it.

My rod was square so i turned my wire into a sqarish loop. Spray painted it to match my golden table.

Drilled a hole on the side of my vanity table and hung the loop.

Wrap the rod in a decorative wrap.


I now even remember what i collection i have.

Coming to the chains and necklaces:
Colored nails and your table again.
I got colored nails luckily from hardware store.

Nailed them on the other side of my vanity

no more tangled chains and neck laces :')

Will be sharing more of these organization ideas soon.