Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recycled tire storage table

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Recycling...!!! My most favourite art work... I mean the way you transform PRACTICALLY a piece of garbage... even you a week before that transformation wouldn't have imagined it this way :') Talk about magic of art :')

Now... don't judge me when i tell you i collect a hell lot of crap. Literally. So much that my sister in law, Fatima, calls me a "KABARIA" (ragman). And i am sort of proud of it :D we were talking about magic right? You'd have a beautiful piece and lessening the pollution at the same time :) totally worth it ;)
As the title reveals, i am going to show you my almost 3 years old project and dude you have no idea what all i went through just to get this done.
My mommy would have killed me if she saw a tire rolling in my home at that time and luckily when i got obsessed with this project, my mom travelled. And my daddy, my super man, despite of giving me my-daughter-needs-a-doctor look, was generous enough to take me to a garage's junk to select my choice of tire.
Sadly this project being an old one wont be having fancy and detailed pictures
Here is the supplies list:
a tire... (i dont know why i have an awkward smile on my face mentioning this:p )
Left over paint
golden spray paint (do i have to mention it in every post :D i love it and u know that!)
glass or mirror
A piece of thick and hard thermacole to close the bottom.

1.Paintttttt!!! Paint that tire :D I painted it all green, then spray painted gold.
2.Measure the hole of tire and cut your thermacole an inch bigger than the measured size. I had this disposable plastic dish. Use silicone to stick it on the inside of the hole.

4. Now what i did in this step was i gave the dish's cover a tufted look using some sponge cut in round. If you get lucking enough to find something similar then just use clear glass at your table top, else use a mirror.
The tufted dish top. I centred it with a ribbon to be used when i need to pull it out.
centred it with a rose to hide the ribbon.
Fished product:
And thissss is my till date mostttt favourite project.

Did i mention "magic" earlier? :D
Please tell me that you too are in love with it and its exciting enough to make your eyes wonder on every side of road in the search of an old used tires the next time you go out. Please tell me that :p

Some scientific info for my worried friends.
The old tires are totally safe to work with and have it indoor. No toxic gases trapped it because it has gone through so much pressure while its use that it gets totally oxidized and has no harmful stuff left with in.
I always research before starting task, because i love myself alot :p

Share your projects pictures on my fb wall, that page is totally dedicated to you :)
And please pray i get my lappy back so that we all dont have to long for new posts :'(


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cheetah walls... because they're love, thats why ;)

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Once upon a time when i was single and my wedding was just 6 months away, i gave my room an other makeover. Yes, all that hard work just for 6 months. Now thats what you call obsession B) i did it because i wanted a change in my envoirment. And cheetah print has been in my love list since then. I did cheetah wall :') I do cheetah nails:') i wear cheetah print :') no, not all the time ofcoarse but yes i do prefer it on any other pattern.
This wall, is a cluster of DIYs in itself :D

Details of DIYs i did here:
1. The wall.
2. The black bottles 
3. The book shelf, all of it, including tufted back.
4. The read pillows.5. And that lady.

This lady. I painted it. 
That black bottle was painted from inside. Pattern on shelf top us napkin decoupaged.

Now to achieve this look, beginners read THIS blog first. U'll find all the step by step details on painting stripes.
1. Tape your wall according to your desired pattern.
2. Paint the stripes and remove the tapes.
3. Use dotting sponge brush to make different sizes of dots randomly on wall. Keep the distance between dot less.
(Photo: Google)
Easily available at stationaries.
4. Now use a normal small painting brush to outline the spots breaking the line randomly, as shown in the picture!
5. Kiss your hand and praise your creation!  :')
Closer look

This wall pattern makes an AH- MA- ZINNNN backdrop for pictures too. I know a few people who cant let a day go without taking selfie :p
Count me in that list as well :p
That's my baby "maaoon" 
He's no more with me, the vet lost him and its going to be 2 months that i have no clue where he is :'( i hope he's safe and sound where ever he is :'(
Anyways... enough of my sad stories, let  me know if have any confusions, i'll be more than glad to answer it. Anddddd the list if diy's i gave above will be posted individually each in a few days :)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Striped wall with stenciled flowers

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I've completed several projects lately but due to lappy break down i cant post anything new. Why? Because i can't transfer pictures from my camera.
 I am sooooo excited to share those projects because they really really are fun and beautiful ones, but now until i get lappy back i've decided to share the old stuff i did once. 
The draw back of sharing old work is i cant keep it detailed. I NEVER thought i'd be blogging some day but i'll try my best to explain well enough without pictures :)
 I posted 2 pictured on my Facebook page and you all selected this:
Ohhh... horrible quality :(
First of all, this is my childhood friend Haleema aka coco's bedroom. The fun memory of this room is I was there for a sleepover and we started this room at 12 midnight and were done with at 7 in morning. That includes emptying the room and then rearranging it :D yes it was that quick. 4 power girls (me, coco, rabi and zaini)  were at work, what else do you expect :D
You all must be wondering WHY THAT PINK PATCH? It was a specific area for random sized foto frames in black.
read the basics about striped wall HERE.
How to do it:
1. Paint the base color.
2. According to desired size make a rectangle with masking tape on wall. This is your photo patch. Here's a new idea to fill it up later
(Photo: pinterest)
Yesssss...!!! A SELFIE WALLLLL...!!!! 
:D  even i cant wait to try this. Pinterest is love, isnt it.
3. Now start putting up masking tape on random distance from ceiling to floor. To speed up this process, one person should stand on ladder and bring the tape down to the other person on floor. Getting on and off would take alotttt of time and energy by a single person. yes! Kidnap your bff!
4. Let your stripe tape pass through the patch you've made for pictures. Once you're done with tapping, use a blade to cut the tape from edges on the inner part of the patch and remove it.
5. Start with painting the stripes. Once done,  paint the patch. Remove the tapes.
6. Draw 3 different sizes of a flower on a paper. Cover the paper in transparent contact paper and the flowers out with blade. This would make a stencil.
7. Now keep placing stencil randomly on the walk and use sponge to dab paint on it.
Andddd you're done!
Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece ;)
I hope the instructions are clear. Dont hesitate to ask me if you get stuck at some point :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Corner storage with tv shelf

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Tinyyyyyy apartments, biggest problems faced by us in Kuwait.
So much to store that we end cluttering our spaces and get habitual of living in a mess.
And with this space problem, I face another problem too. TV! yes, TV. I hate TV and all the noise polution it  creates and never wanted one in my room, while on the other hand Sunny was stuck on MUST having a TV in our bedroom. And i gave my room alllll this makeover just because i hate hanging tv on wall. I just cant allow it to ruin my canvas :D
Walls are canvas, arent they? :D

So i decided to have a corner tv shelf and underneath a storage, well not just a storage, but some beauty added to it ;)

Is it looking too plain or is it fine this way??? Help me with it. But for now I LOVE IT:D

12mm MDF Board complete 8×4 sheet + another half.
white paint.
Golden spray paint.
large nailheads.
A large frame.


1. measure your TV's horizontal length.
  NOTE: the official size of tv, say 40" in my case, is NOT that you need.
You will measure it from one side to the other. And what ever the size is keep it 6 inches bigger than what you've measured.
i dont remember what mine was but the size of shelf's front in 105 cm and tv with stand sits on it just perfectly.
2. When making a corner shelf keep the other two sides equal. Use google to find the other two sides, mine were 74.5 cm each.
3. Measure the height of your shelf as that would make the top for your storage. Mine is 140cm high.
4. For the doors, this is the length from the edge of your shelf till the edge of your last shelf. Mine is 135. I kept it 5 cm higher from the floor.

Complete measured pieces to get cut:
4 triangles 150×74.5×74.5 cm
2 pieces 135×5 cm
2 pieces for doors 47 (105-5-5= 95and 95÷2= 47.5) skip .5 from both sides for hinges space.
8 pieces. 60×5cm

Mark the top shelf and use 2 of 60×5 cm of pieces as a shelf base.
I faced another problem when making this storage. The corner had a raised beam and so i had to get it cut as shown. 
Using same technique nail the last shelf.
uses nails from the top of the shelf to secure it with pieces on wall.
Fix all 4 shelves according to the desired size.
Nail the 2 pieces 135×5 cm on the edges of each shef. Make sure its strongly nailed, use wood glue beore nailing for a stronger hold.

Ask someone to hold the door next to the previously nailed strip and mark the hinges screw points.

I love these hinges as theyre way more comfortable to work with. Remove the large pin and Screw them on the marked places.

Now just put back the large pins and your door is done.

Oops! And another problem i was responsible for. Remember i told you earlier to skip .5 in doors measurement? I my self skipped 1.5 and he's the result. A large gap. But i didn't panic. Instead i used a leftover piece to be at the center, nailed and glued to one door and VIOLA! A new design formed :D
that the result you get when you stay calm and think ;)
Painting time! I used full gloss water based paint and gave 3 coats. This is the look after 2 coats.
Ten i used tape to border hinges and Sprayyyyeeeddddd...! 

This is a frame i had that i got cut into half.

Removed the borders and seperated the carved parts

Spray painted! 
Got it on doors using patex glue (goldenish liquid one)
For beginners, these pretty things are known as nail heads and can add magic to anything.
You can get these on hardware shops.
oh and also fixed the handle.
See! You see the gap between the doors and how amazingly the mistake took a stylish turn :')

TADAAAA!!! pretty corner storage with tv on top. Beauty...!!! :')
And did i paint the inside? NO! 
am i going to show u the inside? NOT NOW! :D
i just dobt want to spoil its beauty at the moment by reaving the crap its holding inside it :p

MDF 12 mm board 4 kd
paints 2.5 kd
frame 3 kd
Cutting charseg 3kd.
total 12.5kd and you get a tve shelf with a huge crap hiding space under it :D
oh and did i mention it covers ALLLL UGLY WIRESSSS :D  do you need anyomre reason to make one? :D

do share your experience with me on my page if you try making it, plus ask me if there is any confusion :)