Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wall mounted folding table

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When i first started this blog, i dedicated to all the renters in Kuwait who are facing space problems in their homes. i know that pain as i go through it as well. So here is a good replacement to something that has been a must in every home and yet taking the most space.

A wall mounted table.

The best thing about DIYing is you can customize the hell out of it literally :D
no this table cab replace your dinning table if you build it in a larger size, so much space saved aswell as bar-look is obtained. in my case i replaced study table with this. 
Remember my last blog where i turned a nightstand into a chair....

If missed, you can check the complete tutorial HERE

I didnt give this chair a back and i told you that the reason will be explained in my next blog, so the reason is behind this chair is the wall mounted table, and whenever I've to use it i just drag the chair out open the table and use it.

I saw this table in Ikea and it costed 12 kd, i made mine for less than half, 3kd ONLY!!!

Here is a list of material:
4 pieces of 12mm thick plywood, cut according to your requirement
mine measured:
A. 20x50
B. 4x50  ( yes its 4, a really thin strip)
C. 40x50
D. and lastly a right angle triangle piece measuring 30x20
wood glue
and some paint.

Screw the small hinge on the piece A and D
Ignore the nail... use screws.

Attach the piece A directly to the wall with the help of drill and screws and their friend fisher :p
If you're a beginner ask for some manpower from your family :)

Screw the longer hinge on the edges of piece C and B.

Apply some wood glue and  nail the piece B on top of the piece A

this is what it looks like (without paint ofcoarse)

Raise the table top

open the heroic support.

BOOM! there you go, a nice place to work on or have a meal :)
This whole chair and table project was for my hubby :)

A good picture again.

Technical details:
the piece B's width was kept this size because its connected to the wall hanged piece A, the piece C is also connected to it, lastly, its wide enough to have the folded support  under it.

Do this in your homes and save loads of space, and yes send me a picture too, i love to see creativity flowing in from everywhere :)


Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Faux fur rug

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This post is the one that would make your moms, husbands, father and anyone who finances your decoration fetish thankful to you :D
Now that i was done with all the paint jobs in my room i finally decided to have a rug. searched a few but the one i wanted was really really expensive, so instead i came up with this idea.

I love the warmth and cozy feeling it has added to my room, and love it even more because it has helped in a big way to hide the nasty weird colored tiles in my room. 

bought 2 meters of this fur material for 5kd per meter
and anti slip mat for .25 kd.
the width of fabric was 1.5 meters and now i have extra fabric enough to stitch 2 more furry cushions.

used glue gun to stick it anti slip mat under the fur fabric

TADAAAA!!! Dont you want to jump into the screen and 
roll on this rug? in LOVE with it.

Now that i am enjoying having it in my room, make yours too and share it on my facebook page.
I adore it when i see your creativity :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a sofa from a night stand

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My excitement at the moment is at peak :D THIS is the project when i patted my back and told myself "GOOD JOB HUDA!" 
Trust me there are very few projects when i do so, most of the time i am still in doubt if the thing is looking good or not. satisfying a creative mind is really a tough job :/
 remember when i first started blogging, when i was all new bride and a-trying-hard-to-be-a-girly girl, this was my very first project i shared with you all

then came a time when i excused these buddies and bought 2 little babies and remodeled them due to small area.
since that day these tables have always stared at me with why-you-did-this-to-us look. i had to bring them back in somehow. PINTEREST! because life is too short to sit idol. while spending my nights on pinterest i was fascinated with idea of changing night stands and dressers into benches and sofa. This idea literally made me wanting to steal everyone's dresser and change them into a bench. DONT LOOK AT THE SCREEN LIKE THAT! i know i am absurd at times, but those times can prove to be golden for a few people :P
Anyway, lets not delay and see what i did with these buddies.
Now tell me i was right for patting my back, i DESERVED it for THIS :')

The pictures i saw on pinterest had their top drawers removed and the back was kept for a proper sofa look. i thought of doing the same but hubby told me the same day he wanted a desk and a chair to work. if i had a bigger house i would have loved to make him a home office, buttt reality is my tiny apartment, and in such a tiny space i couldn't dedicate a whole area for his office. so that made me build a folding wall table (next post... YEAH B) ) and for the seat, i used this night stand.

Positioning it upside down was the solution i came up with.
The procedure was not really hard except for the tufting part.

1. I removed the drawers and its sliders. removed the back and top. chopped the front legs diagonally (someone was trying hard to be creative, MORE CREATIVE!)

2. Painted it with white exterior paint, i got it by mistake :| but tried the distressing technique with this paint and acutally loved it.

3. Took a 8inch thick sponge ( available at Al baghli sponge factory, shuwaikh) and made a hole in the middle. Ignore the 2 on sides as i changed my mind due to the hard procedure (talk about laziness). marked the spot on the seat and drilled a hole.

4. made a tiny slit in the fabric that was the tufting point, then inserted this screw and washer (i hope this is the right name) into the slit and screwed it in the hole.

5. Folded the extra fabric under the cushion and glued the edges ( i know i am lazy, no need to remind me :P ) glued a stone in the middle.

6. glued this pearl string on the curves for some added beauty

7. Stitched a cushion for the back.

8. Sat on it and clicked a selfie. VERY IMPORTANT STEP ;)

Tell me you're in love with it as much as i am :')

Time to clear some confusion.
1. no back attached, why? it would be totally clear in my next post.
2. what are those golden leafy things on the sides? those are the curtain rod ends i bought and then attached then here for some prettiness, procedure of attaching them requires a complete post (and i could have posted it but i mistakenly deleted the pictures :| ) I'll be using these in a similar way in my bathroom makeover and i promise i'll post it this time. PROMISE!:)

Dont forget to share on my page and show me if you try any of my DIY project. i adore my readers hardwork and creativity.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Chunky frame into a Funky nail color rack

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My readers who constantly follow me know why exactly i am being so hyper active :D
outline for those who don't know, my laptop broke down and i couldn't post anything new.
So here i am with yet another "From junk to Fun" post.
This is what's going to be transformed



Bad picture, right? Could've been really creative shoot but its not mine, yeah... it belongs to someone else. One of my friend is a big sucker of nail colors and she ordered a rack with the specification that its MUST have a capacity of holding 100 nail colors...
No need to imagine it, i have the picture :p
She was generous enough to send me picture  :)
But lets start the tutorial first then the exciting picture :D
A chunky frame (your preferred size)
Around half inch thick Mdf sheet cut into required size. My shelf's depth was 10 cm. Its enough to double the lines of bottles if space runs short.
Black spray paint.
Tiny little angles
screws 1 cm long
fabric for the back ground
Silicone (the one used in bathroom for caulking)
Glue gun
drilling machine


1. Spray paint the frame black.

2. Arrange the shelves on the mdf base sheet and mark the lines.

3. Keep the angles on the marked lines and mark the screw holes. Drill the holes and screw them to the sheet.

4. Now keep the shelves one by one on the angles. Mark the screw holes on shelves and drill.
DONOT attach the shelves to the rack.

5. Start sticking the fabric on the base making a little slit on each angle's place to let it out.
do u see cheetah print :P

6. Attach the shelves to the angles. Painting the shelves or covering them with a fabric or wallpaper are the 2 options. i covered them with another lace fabric.

7. Now stick the rack to the frame using silicone and seal it from the back too.


OHHHH.... what a sight :') And a transformationnnn... :D
Personally i hate wearing nail colors, because i hate removing it. I am lazy! THAT LAZY!
I so wish i visit her soon and click some pretty colorful pictures. SOOOON!!
I'll speed up my post now as i now a few of my readers can't spend a day without being creative.