Monday, May 4, 2015

Cola bottle flowers

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Isn't that GORGEOUS :)
I've been collecting all sizes of plastic cola bottles for about a month now and the only intention is RECYCLYING!!!
I love to use the stuff we use in our daily routine differently, and if that unique use is helping our envoirment as well then why not?
So after 2 days of sickness and being on bed, I was so frustrated that i literally made these flowers at 2 am. People who know me enough are aware of that fact that my only relaxing therapy is creating something.
So lets begin the fun..
Cola/soda plastic bottles
A blade
a pair of scissor
glue gun
a lighter

Cut and separate the bottom and neck of the bottles using a blade.

Cut the middle part into two halves and start cutting out the petals from it.

Do not worry about different textures on the plastic, its going to an interesting look to your flowers.

Use a lighter to burn the upper edge of the petals. This would make them bend from different points. Do it with all the petals.

Now take the bottom part and make slits in between all the humps. And cut the corners of each section.

Burn the edges of this as well in the same way and glue the petals to it.

Center the flower with large pearls.
paint with glass paints if desired.

It completely looks like a blown glass flower.
I made a few of them to use in one of my projects. Totally in love with it :')
Another closeup.

I recycle alot and encourage others too... We are responsible for our planets and we must put every little effort we can in order to make it safe for ourselves and for all its inhabitants :)