Tuesday, July 28, 2015

how to make a unique Rings organizer

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Something that i must tell you all who hate their houses, who hate their apartments, who hate their areas, moving to a new place is just not easy! Soooo many things to work with, so many changes to adjust with and a lazy person like me is definitely going to take ages for that :(
oh well... I've got so much on my to do list that i feel like i wont be able to finish till next year. But what even the hurry :P the longer i take to work with something the better results i get, the more you people are going to love me for it :D  (I know you love me and i love u too :* )
Coming to the post, are you going to try killing me if i told u that this post is about a month old and it was just my laziness that i took so long to post it? Of course you wont, i mean how can u even think of killing me when you I've got so much more on my mind *grins evilly*  (if you ever meet my sisters in law, ask them to define my this smile :P )
This is one crazy project and i am loving it. A ring organizer out of an old book :D yup yup!

Uniqueness... isn't it?

Old books
glue gun.
accessories to decorate (optional)
the treasure...

Remove the covers. (excuse the dim lights, it was 3 am in the morning when i started this... thank you insomnia, you're one of the reason behind my creativity :/)

Stick the edge of both books on a piece of cardboard.

First determine how many portions you want in your holder. 
Now take tiny portion of pages and separate just one page on the right side.

Bend the portion towards right and tuck it into the middle.

The single page you left on right, bring it toward the left from the top of the bent portion, and tuck it into the center. 

Keep repeating till all the portions are done and just glue the last 2 portions with the cardboard :)

I am in love how the pictures turned out.

Special thanks to the lady who sent me all these books for free, shout out to you Ma'am,you're awesome!:)
This ring organizer is perfect to gift your sister or mommy :) or your  "bae" (Ive no idea why this word came into existence).  Send me a picture on my fb page if you make one:)

Keep dreaming...
Keep DIY-ing..

Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY chunky trendy rope necklace

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What a relief when you finally get to create something after like, AGES!
I agree with my statement a 100% that art is my relaxation therapy. I've been creating stuff for past 3 days and man it feelS sooooo gooood :D
Eid is just a week away and i am not getting time to visit markets for tiny things plus i am TRYING to save for my room decoration(till now i am failing miserably :( ). so here is what I've been thinking  of making for a whole week and finally did it today.

THAT pendant kind of thing was not some jewelry.

do not look at anything as "useless piece of crap".
just a bit of creativity and VIOLA! :D

Here is what you need:
Some piece of old broken jewellery
Cotton rope
Metal stud lace
Glue gun
Thread and a needle

Cut the rope of desired length.

Untwist it and separate the strands.

Tie one end with thread. Secure using glue.

Make a braid and secure the other end.

Use a thread to stitch the pendant with braid.

Now stitch the pearls on it.

Separate the studs by opening the hooks at back.

Use glue gun to stick the studs

Poke ribbon from the front side of your necklace towards the back side using the scissors

Sucure using glue gun.

Take a single strand and wrap it around the end. 

Add more studs if you want to.
And once more a look at complete project :)

Do share with me if you create anything similar for your eid :)
Do not forget to grab your seat in my upcoming classes IF YOU LIVE IN KUWAIT.
Its going to be so much fun, you can afford to miss a single project.

Find the details HERE


Sunday, July 5, 2015

The DIY classes with me :)

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Hello my beautiful readers!
How have you all been? Its been like 3 months, i haven't written a word about DIYs. There is a reason behind it. Despite of missing you all so much I've been really really busy as i shifted to the new house then went on a vacation then came back and Ramadan started.
For my non-muslim reader who don't know about ramadan, its a lunar Islamic month in which we muslim, no matter how harsh the weather is, we fast from sunrise till sunset. We (every healthy adult) fast because it teaches us a number of different lessons e.g how to patient, makes us realise how blessed we are to have good food, makes us all feel deeply about the sorrows of less fortunate ones and how we are supposed to share these blessings with them. Above all, we fast out of love for God, it cleanses us spiritually as we have to abstain from every minor sin too like lying or cheating. And scientifically helps cleansing and detoxify our bodies :)

Done with the info, let me go ahead and share a little about our new house. I'd like to declare it as HUGE! Loving it to bits and living in with family (in-laws) has been a fun experience till now :)
I'll  be starting to decorate it after ramadan. And will share every detail with you guys. I PROMISE! 
And now I've to tell about the DIY classes starting from July 27th.
its a monthly registered class. One class a week. 3-4 projects every month.
Every month is going to have a new theme
The first month is pinterest month where I've selected 4 fun projects from pinterest.
why pinterest? Because I wanted to give all an idea about what kind of DIYs I'll be doing.
the classes are for all level of ages. Currently i've 18+ age of girls so this is what I've selected for this month:
Glitter jewellery storage

Block candles

Wall art jewellery organizer

Sunburst mirror 

These are the basic inspirations for this month. Would definitely will be different as I cant copy anything and do not even encourage it.

Upcoming months are as follows:
The "Woody wood" month: tiny and big projects of wood. Would help you start building things without fear.

the "Recyclopedia" month: all about recycled art

The "Fabricious" month: working with fabrics. From painting to stiching to non-sew projects.

the "Bring the bling" month: oo la laaaa... diy Jewelleries ;)

The "Old to gold" month: this month would  consist of only 2 projects. One furniture piece, all upcycled and refinished. One old accessory redesigned.

And last but not the least,
 the "Lets get Glassic" month: a month dedicated to class and mirrors. Painting and decorating. This one is my personal favourite :')

Here is the flyer and for further details please contact on the given numbers.
Looking forward to work with you all soon:)