Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Huge Clock Gets Makeover

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Finally I am writing a blog. After 2 long, busy and sick months, actually still sick i am. my nose is so runny feels like I've a part of Niagara fit in there (EWW!) and lets just not talk about the itchy the coughy and what not throat, i fear my throat would burst, my ribs would break and my brain would fall out of my head due to the stupid pressure cough puts me through. Oh I am so hating it and missing my healthy self so much :'( never take any of the blessings for granted! 
And btw 
(I hope it looks like one :D)
Now coming to the topic, as you all know i started to do my room back in July, here is an update.
1. painting my walls is done.
2. stenciling the ceiling is done'
3. curtains are done
4. half wall wainscoting is done
5. the corner shelf is built but the painting and designing part is left
6. a clock makeover for my room is done.

So you see i have quite a few blogs to be written in row in upcoming days and I promise this time I wont take ages.
and also beside the room i have a few more tiny projects done and my most favorite of them is "DOLCE AND GABBANA STYLE FLORAL GLASSES". Cant wait to share that :')

And the project today i am sharing is the clock makeover.

you wont believe the price i got it for. it was just 1kd, from old Friday market. People keep asking me how do you find such awesome stuff there.
My only formula is that make a clear concept in your mind of the look you want, and go for hunt, you come across so many pretty things over there that literally cost a few fils or a few dinar for some furniture pieces. Sometimes the color may not be the one you looking for, but thats what paints are made for :D
PAINTS!!! my super super suuuuuper hero! Cant imagine my life or in fact the universe without it.
This time no before pic because my excitement makes me crazy and i forget about taking pictures.
but here's a during pic:

All I used was acrylic paint and gold paint.
Wanted it to be solid green but that was killing the details so i just took a wet sponge and light wiped off the wet paint from the details.
the just highlighted a few spots with gold paint. LOVED how it turned out and Love how its a perfect addition to my peacock theme

closeup shots are from bottom angle as i am too short and the clock is too high on wall :P
Its literally huge, sizes about 80cm long and 30cm wide. HUGE!!!

And another one.

see how peacock-ish it is :')

clock 1kd
green paint 1kd
gold paint .5 kd
total: 2,5 plus unlimited awesomenessssss!!! 

the next project to be shared is the curtain i designed. hopefully will post on saturday.
till then have fun, be creative and live your moments to fullest :)