Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY Bling bling curtain

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Life has been getting busier day by day and soooooo many of my stuff is unfinished and finished projects are unpublished! This project is what i finished in august and here i am writing about it in NOVEMBER. And please excuse me while i also complain about how the time is flying ! it was my BIRTHADAY last week, I am 26 already, lion king was produced 21 years back, "dilwale dulhania le jaenge" (romantic super hit Indian movie) is 20 yrs old already, HOW??? and WHY??? I JUST FEEL TOO OLD NOW :(
anyways... that's what we call life and it will go on...
Lets start up with today's project as the title shows its one hell of bling bling curtain :D you do know how much i love all blings and glitters:D so ladies and gentlemen here i present you my hand mande curtain with double valance :D
i'll repeat here what i always say : "isnt it LOVE!!!" :p

Now the tragedy is i was in a hurry when i was making these and I forgot to take step by step pics. but I'll write everything in detail and trust me its really really REALLY easy to build. the good news is I filmed the tough part i.e plaiting the top.
My window is 3mtrs wide so I'll write all the materials to build the valance boxes first.

MDF or ply wood 12mm thick
Get it cut into 4 pieces of 20x10 cm
1 piece of  20x120
1 piece of 20x300 cm (you have to adjust the size according to your window)
4 hooks to hang them! 
wood glue and nails (if using ply wood) or screws (if using mdf)

You are going to join the two 15x20 cm pieces on the edges of both the long boards maing a "U".
Use alot of glue to bond it and the secure with nails or screws.
Here's a rough idea what it should look like.

Once you're done with building the valances, you will start the plaiting on it.
I used stretch fabric in metallic gold, using stretchable material will make it look more neat.
After the plaiting was done I secured ONLY the top ends with glue gun and left the fringe at bottom. just cut if the fringe is uneven. Watch the video for the plaiting process.
(the video might be a bit odd as it was my first time :D)

Next is just stitching the curtain, hem it and hang it on the regular curtain rod.
To make the top valance a bit more bling I used a nice string lace randomly allover it, and on the bottom valance i cut around 15 pieces of string lace and attached in the middle directly to the board with glue gun.
For the elegant flowy side panels I didnt stitch or hem it. Just held each orner and stuck it with glue gun on boardleaving enough space to make that pretty "U". Then used the same strings to fill that "U".
Once done with all, hang the pretty valances and give you room an entirely new look.



Next project is going to be the ceiling stenciling i did. seriously giving your ceiling a makeover can make a real dramatic change in your room.
you can see a bit of stenciled part in this picture.

Oh and lets not forget the cost:
fabric around 8kd 
the string lace 1.5 kd for whole roll from friday market
mdf 4,5 kd and 1 kd for cutting
this curtain cost roughly 15 kd, while a pro would charge 60+ kd 

Leave a comment below what you think about it. 
I love hearing from you all and definitely love seeing you creat something new!
Share when ever you do as i learn from you all too :)