Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An earrings display frame

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Hello there :) Look what i have for my pretty ladies today, something that will not take any out of the world material. 80% chances are you already have them and in this holiday season you can make it for your loved ones. i guarantee you, they would kiss your hands ;) 

Color scheme according to my peacock theme, 
I just loved the way it turned out!

You wont believe how EASY and SIMPLE it is...
List of supplies:
a nice frame of preferred size, shape and color.
a cheap plastic place mat.
paints (optional)
chain. beads, lace, etc (optional)
glue gun.

Firstly I painted my frame with blue and green, just to highlight the detail a bit. And I didn't make it any neat, it was in rough coats, i'll show in the closeup shots.

Blue was to be done yet in this picture.

i then measure the size i needed to cut according to frame and cut it out. now because my mat was silver it was highly required to paint it gold, but just the gold borders didn't do the justice so i painted the petals blue.
and yet again blue was to be painted here. (SORRY!!!)

Done with the painting process, i glued it in the frame and added cahin in the inner border of the frame to give a more neat look.


You can see in all the closeup shots that painted strokes are really rough.

And once again the complete shot :)

This a really really must have addition on your dressing table because frankly, I at least  need to have everything right in front of my eyes when i get ready, or else i forget what I've got :| (my sister in law calls me "goldfish memory"

Do share your project with me if you make one, i'd love to learn from your ideas too!