Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pistachio shell flower jar

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A bit late today but still the day 2 isn't over :D
Todays project is something i saw on the Pinterest and thought of trying.
usually i fail miserably when i try something from internet but this craft somehow was easy and yet so pretty :D

All you need is :
A mson jar with lid
pistachio shells
Golden spray paint
Large pearls(optional)

A really really easy yet Beautiful craft.

All you gotta do is start by gluing 2 shells together in the centre of the lid and just go all around it with the shells,

Spray paint them them.

Sprinkle a little glitter while the paint is still wet ( only IF you cant go a craft without glitter)
fill the jar with the pearls and ENJOYYYY!!!

Treat for eyes it is.

I would count this as a 2 minute craft 
So easy and yet such an amazing way to gift someone a small peice of jewelry or anything.

Try this at home and i sure you will love it.
see you tomorrow with a new post.


Monday, August 8, 2016

Trash to Treasure: up-cycling the end table

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4:30 am and I am sitting here stuffing my mouth with chocolate cigars just to get my brain start working (chocolate helps me even with breathing... no kidding!!!)

More than 5 months since my last blog. 
Life sometimes literally turns into a wild ride. LITERALLY!!! When you are free, you are absolutely free, so much that you could start getting bored of this free time!:D  (hmmm... sometimes you aren't free actually, you're just to lazy to move or even change your side if you're lying down and ignore your to-do list only if it was never there in the first place :D I am an example of it, you wont find any better :P)
Then comes the day when all the hassle begins, and your routine becomes like the one of the presidents of someplace, not a single spare minute (is there a need to mention we ourselves create half of this hassle by our laziness?)
Your life decides to put you on an invisible treadmill and sets its speed to the highest point, making you run like crazy leaving no other options. why treadmill? because you keep running madly and are still on the same place :D
Till the time you come back to normal routine, you're tired and lazy again and the cycle keeps on repeating.
Now with all the excuses given.. PLEASE accept my apology.
and to make up for the disappearance of all these months i will do a "7 DAY 7 CRAFTS" Challenge. i will post a new project for 7 days.
Usually people take 31 day challenge but because i know myself completing this 7 day challenge will be a HUGE accomplishment for me.


I love peacock feathers, one of the natures wonder.

Now this project was something that involved too many doubts and fears and required a lot of courage. Using real peacock feathers was a challenge i put myself into and was double minded if i should be doing it, because I just didn't want to end up spoiling all those beautiful feathers. In contrast to my thoughts, it turned out to be a moderate project.
here is the before picture.

This little baby was bought for JUST 3KD! Can you believe it? I didn't either when i heard the man saying it for the first time. I told him to repeat the price once again:D

Anyway, it sat in my room in same state for months before i could think of something different and peacock feathers use was the perfect solution.

So i sanded it lightly. And painted it green.

You can see the little damage on top. I wasnt worried about it much as it was going to be covered with feathers.

While the paint dried i cut the feather removing the thick stem part so that it ciuld be laid all flat.
Then i started to apply modpodge in small portions and pressed the feathers on it. You need to overlap them in a way no base is shown. Plus you need to go in the same direction to have a neat look. I Gave the feathers a top layer of modpodge.
As it required atleast 4 coats of it, i cut the feathers that exceeded the on the edge of the table.
During the first topcoat application 

Cutting the excess

3rd layer of modpodge 

Oh one more thing. I got my modpodge througha friend in US. It wasnt available in kuwait back then. But i saw it online on insta last week so yeah its a great news :')

Now coming to the drawers. I repeated the same steps and layered them with feathers.
Then i tried to use the antiquing technique with gold, but it looked horrible. I dont have a picture of it but trust me it really looked horrible.
I just painted all the details gold then. This reminded me of a commenter who asked me if gold is my favourite color as i use it alor. Yes its my favourite accent color and brings eveything to life in just a stroke. LOVE IT :)
You can see her as well i chose the feathers to go towards the end. And addition of gold details looked amazing.

Next step, of which i accidently deleted the pictures (clumsy me :|) , is used a fancy bling fabric to cover its sides.

Lastly i used a golden flat bead string to the edges to give more details to
Sorry for poor picture. Just took it from my cell.

And on the edges of all parts.
And thats the fabric i used. Color looks weird in picture but is absolutely fine in real.

Here is the final look, was a challenging task but totally worth it.

The top view


You can see a bit of damaged part on the top. to be honest i haven't figured out how its supposed tp be fixed. And isnt it ok sometimes to have something not-so-perfect and yet beautiful?

Bad pictures i know but these were the best ones i could get in daylight as i have dim lights in my room and the setting is also not so favorable for taking its pictures.

Dont forget to follow me for the next 7 days as i am officially on a self challenge :)
(and also pray that my laziness doesnt come in my way :( )

HOPEFULLY see you tomorrow.


Monday, February 15, 2016


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As all of you know my blog isnt just about home related diy projects. I am a fashion freak and i love experimenting with it. Its been a little while that ive been designing my own dresses and each of them got me compliments. A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS!!! All made by my Genius mom! (Moms! Theyre just meant to be THE best!)
It was valentine yesterday and i wanted something red as i was takin hubby on a date. 
This time due to lack of time i decided not to bug mommy and try something i watched on youtube.
A diy skirt that would have perfectly symmetrical plaits. 

That red...! Its just too intense!

If i was to buy this ready made... i would probably paying a fortune.
But instead i followed the instructions with a few modifications and VOILA!!!!
I had the perfectEST dress ready.
 All you need is this:
3 meters of fabric (you can use more but this is the ideal size)
1 broad belt (mine was elastic one)
A sewing machine (just to hem the sides)
A needle and thread.
Glue gun.
And emblishments (optional)

First of all... take you measurent from the waist till toe and cut the whole fabric of that length.
Hem 2 short and one long side using sewing machine.
3 sides hemmed.

Now this is the formula that you need to follow:
HALF and HALF and HALF and HALF.
Easist way to get perfect plaits.

You will lay your belt flat keeping the inside up. Take the fabric's unhemmed side and stitch the 2 ends of fabric on the ends of belt.
Stitch on the corner using needle and thread.

Once done with that you will now fold your fabric into half to find the middle and then stitch that on the middle of your belt.
One HALF done.
Stitched into the middle.

Fold the left side of fabric again to find the half of it and stitch it in the mid point of left corner and last stiched point. Reapeat the same on right.
Keep halfing and halfing and stitching till you get thisss

Halfed and halfed and halfed and halfed again.

Time to use the gluegun. Repeat the same step now but just use glue gun instead of stitching.

Perfect plaits!!!

It took me around an hour to finish it but was totally totally worth it!!!
Rocked it with boot black pant and red boots.
The kids around me were going all crazy :')

The intense red...!!! 

So much that i'll definitely try something more using same technique :')


Sunday, February 7, 2016

From disposable to treasure; The mirrored wall art

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Hello everyone :)
My room is finally coming into a form, soon will share all its pictures. You might want to ask why i just don't share them right away, actually i don't share until i am satisfied. What happens mostly is we imagine something and it turns out like s**t in real. at least happens 98% of the time with me :\

So it all started when one of my bedroom's wall was still missing the decoration (to be very honest i still feel like it is incomplete, will try something more). i went on a hunt randomly without anything in mind. I had a huge frame that wanted to be on that wall but could not have my picture in it as it was the side where i face to pray ( Muslims cant pray when there is a picture or statue in front of them)
I wanted to get artistic, as always and on my quest i found these golden disposable plates. i grabbed a pack of 25 as it was only for 1.25 kd
Then i bought a few mirrors of the same size from 100 fils shop, and broke the frames to keep take the mirrors out. and i also bought one rectangular mirror with golden frame

The plates
Coming back home i dug in to find something to make it more interesting. I had a lot of penny sized mirrors left from my wedding so decided to use those.

all the materials:
the 3 kinds of mirrors, plates and Gluegun

I arranged them on the floor too see what exactly would look good.
oh and I painted the frame in pink too as this gold was not what would go with my room.
Then i used glue gun to stick all the mirrors in plates.

Started to stick them on wall as decided, the rectangular mirror first then one by one the plates.

The pattern changed because i tried to stick them with double sided tape first and BAM! 3 of them broke :(
anyway, kept on sticking till was .
DONE! And there i am telling you that its looking amazing :') 

Another shot. 
The golden reflection you see in the mirrors is my ceiling. Don't get mad. Will post about it too :)

And another one.
How i love my new sofas :') oh and the wainscoted wall too :') (that post is pending too, please don't kill me :D)

The plated really really give the look of metal and and looks really really beautiful!
this project is wayyyyy easier than you can imagine. just a bit of glue and you're done. literally.

If you try it out, do post on my wall :)


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cute little cat beds

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Ahem ahem..!!!
Hey! *grining*
how you doin *still grining*
Name's Bond... James Bond!
Alright alright i am cutting it.
I just wanted to cover up my embarrassment. I've been busy, Really busy for the past few months and couldn't keep the blog updated, though i do have a few complete and incomplete projects to be shared. well just bear with me and i'll try my best to keep posting stuff.
That being said, i'd like to thank you all for being the biggest part of my journey, without whom i wont be able to succeed in my life, Thank you for making a Facebook family of 1500 members. receiving your comments and random messages of appreciation actually makes my life a lot a lot a lot happier. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH *Wipes a tear, grabs a tissue and shuuuu!!!*

As a token of gratitude, I've a surprise for you all that will be announced at the end of this post.

Coming to the project of today i want you see these night stands first HERE
Remember these? 
my little folks i had in my old room.
Because of some reason i had to put a full-stop to their use but loved them too much to leave them behind. so i decided to renovate them AGAIN and turn them to something more than a night stand.
I've always been a cat person and love love love making stuff for them. those cute little things (a bit mean though :/ ) deserve all of you, don't they :')

So this time I've turned these stands into cats beds.


The pink and black one is for female cats that reads "BE CLASSY... BE A CAT"
Of coarse you have to be a cat in order to be classy, do you really think there is another option??

The black one that is for big Man cats reads " IF I SLEEPS... DO NOT DISTURB". I've no idea why but whenever i imagine cats talking i imagine them doing it with this grammar "i hungry" "i eat" "i happy". Weird brain i have!

here it is again.
sad and demanding attention!

all painted with 2 coats, can you feel its excitement??
well, i can! its smiling at me with big bright eyes (AH! TOO MUCH DRAMA!  actually scary too :S)

For the pink one i just painted the top and edges in pink rest was all black too.

While painting, make sure to give proper time to dry between coats. i gave 3 coats of each.
 Done withe base. it was time to use creativity and GOOGLE :D hand paint the design and qoutes you want on top or wherever.

Add in some glitter too to make it pop!
this pic was supposed to be posted later but... 
its ok. Enjoy :P

 Write something at the back wall to make it more personalized.

decorate to your hearts will.
i used pom pom lace that was complementing my fur cushions perfectly.

Next step is to close the bottom. just stick in some fabric and your good to go.

Now place a comfy cushion in there and watch your cat never getting out of it!



this made me giggle!
But If someone actually becomes a cat while i sleep and annoys me the same way cats do... they wont see the next day :|

How i miss my baby maaoon! Sigh! :(

SO ladies and gentlemen, here's the announcement i wanted to make.
these beds are a token of gratitude and are up for a give away contest.
The contest details are on my Facebook page.
you can make your own or win one of these by following simple guidelines :)
Good luck everyone!

Don't throw away old stuff treasure it and help saving the environment :)