Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cute little cat beds

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Ahem ahem..!!!
Hey! *grining*
how you doin *still grining*
Name's Bond... James Bond!
Alright alright i am cutting it.
I just wanted to cover up my embarrassment. I've been busy, Really busy for the past few months and couldn't keep the blog updated, though i do have a few complete and incomplete projects to be shared. well just bear with me and i'll try my best to keep posting stuff.
That being said, i'd like to thank you all for being the biggest part of my journey, without whom i wont be able to succeed in my life, Thank you for making a Facebook family of 1500 members. receiving your comments and random messages of appreciation actually makes my life a lot a lot a lot happier. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH *Wipes a tear, grabs a tissue and shuuuu!!!*

As a token of gratitude, I've a surprise for you all that will be announced at the end of this post.

Coming to the project of today i want you see these night stands first HERE
Remember these? 
my little folks i had in my old room.
Because of some reason i had to put a full-stop to their use but loved them too much to leave them behind. so i decided to renovate them AGAIN and turn them to something more than a night stand.
I've always been a cat person and love love love making stuff for them. those cute little things (a bit mean though :/ ) deserve all of you, don't they :')

So this time I've turned these stands into cats beds.


The pink and black one is for female cats that reads "BE CLASSY... BE A CAT"
Of coarse you have to be a cat in order to be classy, do you really think there is another option??

The black one that is for big Man cats reads " IF I SLEEPS... DO NOT DISTURB". I've no idea why but whenever i imagine cats talking i imagine them doing it with this grammar "i hungry" "i eat" "i happy". Weird brain i have!

here it is again.
sad and demanding attention!

all painted with 2 coats, can you feel its excitement??
well, i can! its smiling at me with big bright eyes (AH! TOO MUCH DRAMA!  actually scary too :S)

For the pink one i just painted the top and edges in pink rest was all black too.

While painting, make sure to give proper time to dry between coats. i gave 3 coats of each.
 Done withe base. it was time to use creativity and GOOGLE :D hand paint the design and qoutes you want on top or wherever.

Add in some glitter too to make it pop!
this pic was supposed to be posted later but... 
its ok. Enjoy :P

 Write something at the back wall to make it more personalized.

decorate to your hearts will.
i used pom pom lace that was complementing my fur cushions perfectly.

Next step is to close the bottom. just stick in some fabric and your good to go.

Now place a comfy cushion in there and watch your cat never getting out of it!



this made me giggle!
But If someone actually becomes a cat while i sleep and annoys me the same way cats do... they wont see the next day :|

How i miss my baby maaoon! Sigh! :(

SO ladies and gentlemen, here's the announcement i wanted to make.
these beds are a token of gratitude and are up for a give away contest.
The contest details are on my Facebook page.
you can make your own or win one of these by following simple guidelines :)
Good luck everyone!

Don't throw away old stuff treasure it and help saving the environment :)