Monday, February 15, 2016


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As all of you know my blog isnt just about home related diy projects. I am a fashion freak and i love experimenting with it. Its been a little while that ive been designing my own dresses and each of them got me compliments. A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS!!! All made by my Genius mom! (Moms! Theyre just meant to be THE best!)
It was valentine yesterday and i wanted something red as i was takin hubby on a date. 
This time due to lack of time i decided not to bug mommy and try something i watched on youtube.
A diy skirt that would have perfectly symmetrical plaits. 

That red...! Its just too intense!

If i was to buy this ready made... i would probably paying a fortune.
But instead i followed the instructions with a few modifications and VOILA!!!!
I had the perfectEST dress ready.
 All you need is this:
3 meters of fabric (you can use more but this is the ideal size)
1 broad belt (mine was elastic one)
A sewing machine (just to hem the sides)
A needle and thread.
Glue gun.
And emblishments (optional)

First of all... take you measurent from the waist till toe and cut the whole fabric of that length.
Hem 2 short and one long side using sewing machine.
3 sides hemmed.

Now this is the formula that you need to follow:
HALF and HALF and HALF and HALF.
Easist way to get perfect plaits.

You will lay your belt flat keeping the inside up. Take the fabric's unhemmed side and stitch the 2 ends of fabric on the ends of belt.
Stitch on the corner using needle and thread.

Once done with that you will now fold your fabric into half to find the middle and then stitch that on the middle of your belt.
One HALF done.
Stitched into the middle.

Fold the left side of fabric again to find the half of it and stitch it in the mid point of left corner and last stiched point. Reapeat the same on right.
Keep halfing and halfing and stitching till you get thisss

Halfed and halfed and halfed and halfed again.

Time to use the gluegun. Repeat the same step now but just use glue gun instead of stitching.

Perfect plaits!!!

It took me around an hour to finish it but was totally totally worth it!!!
Rocked it with boot black pant and red boots.
The kids around me were going all crazy :')

The intense red...!!! 

So much that i'll definitely try something more using same technique :')


Sunday, February 7, 2016

From disposable to treasure; The mirrored wall art

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Hello everyone :)
My room is finally coming into a form, soon will share all its pictures. You might want to ask why i just don't share them right away, actually i don't share until i am satisfied. What happens mostly is we imagine something and it turns out like s**t in real. at least happens 98% of the time with me :\

So it all started when one of my bedroom's wall was still missing the decoration (to be very honest i still feel like it is incomplete, will try something more). i went on a hunt randomly without anything in mind. I had a huge frame that wanted to be on that wall but could not have my picture in it as it was the side where i face to pray ( Muslims cant pray when there is a picture or statue in front of them)
I wanted to get artistic, as always and on my quest i found these golden disposable plates. i grabbed a pack of 25 as it was only for 1.25 kd
Then i bought a few mirrors of the same size from 100 fils shop, and broke the frames to keep take the mirrors out. and i also bought one rectangular mirror with golden frame

The plates
Coming back home i dug in to find something to make it more interesting. I had a lot of penny sized mirrors left from my wedding so decided to use those.

all the materials:
the 3 kinds of mirrors, plates and Gluegun

I arranged them on the floor too see what exactly would look good.
oh and I painted the frame in pink too as this gold was not what would go with my room.
Then i used glue gun to stick all the mirrors in plates.

Started to stick them on wall as decided, the rectangular mirror first then one by one the plates.

The pattern changed because i tried to stick them with double sided tape first and BAM! 3 of them broke :(
anyway, kept on sticking till was .
DONE! And there i am telling you that its looking amazing :') 

Another shot. 
The golden reflection you see in the mirrors is my ceiling. Don't get mad. Will post about it too :)

And another one.
How i love my new sofas :') oh and the wainscoted wall too :') (that post is pending too, please don't kill me :D)

The plated really really give the look of metal and and looks really really beautiful!
this project is wayyyyy easier than you can imagine. just a bit of glue and you're done. literally.

If you try it out, do post on my wall :)