Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pistachio shell flower jar

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A bit late today but still the day 2 isn't over :D
Todays project is something i saw on the Pinterest and thought of trying.
usually i fail miserably when i try something from internet but this craft somehow was easy and yet so pretty :D

All you need is :
A mson jar with lid
pistachio shells
Golden spray paint
Large pearls(optional)

A really really easy yet Beautiful craft.

All you gotta do is start by gluing 2 shells together in the centre of the lid and just go all around it with the shells,

Spray paint them them.

Sprinkle a little glitter while the paint is still wet ( only IF you cant go a craft without glitter)
fill the jar with the pearls and ENJOYYYY!!!

Treat for eyes it is.

I would count this as a 2 minute craft 
So easy and yet such an amazing way to gift someone a small peice of jewelry or anything.

Try this at home and i sure you will love it.
see you tomorrow with a new post.


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