Monday, February 15, 2016


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As all of you know my blog isnt just about home related diy projects. I am a fashion freak and i love experimenting with it. Its been a little while that ive been designing my own dresses and each of them got me compliments. A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS!!! All made by my Genius mom! (Moms! Theyre just meant to be THE best!)
It was valentine yesterday and i wanted something red as i was takin hubby on a date. 
This time due to lack of time i decided not to bug mommy and try something i watched on youtube.
A diy skirt that would have perfectly symmetrical plaits. 

That red...! Its just too intense!

If i was to buy this ready made... i would probably paying a fortune.
But instead i followed the instructions with a few modifications and VOILA!!!!
I had the perfectEST dress ready.
 All you need is this:
3 meters of fabric (you can use more but this is the ideal size)
1 broad belt (mine was elastic one)
A sewing machine (just to hem the sides)
A needle and thread.
Glue gun.
And emblishments (optional)

First of all... take you measurent from the waist till toe and cut the whole fabric of that length.
Hem 2 short and one long side using sewing machine.
3 sides hemmed.

Now this is the formula that you need to follow:
HALF and HALF and HALF and HALF.
Easist way to get perfect plaits.

You will lay your belt flat keeping the inside up. Take the fabric's unhemmed side and stitch the 2 ends of fabric on the ends of belt.
Stitch on the corner using needle and thread.

Once done with that you will now fold your fabric into half to find the middle and then stitch that on the middle of your belt.
One HALF done.
Stitched into the middle.

Fold the left side of fabric again to find the half of it and stitch it in the mid point of left corner and last stiched point. Reapeat the same on right.
Keep halfing and halfing and stitching till you get thisss

Halfed and halfed and halfed and halfed again.

Time to use the gluegun. Repeat the same step now but just use glue gun instead of stitching.

Perfect plaits!!!

It took me around an hour to finish it but was totally totally worth it!!!
Rocked it with boot black pant and red boots.
The kids around me were going all crazy :')

The intense red...!!! 

So much that i'll definitely try something more using same technique :')


Sunday, February 7, 2016

From disposable to treasure; The mirrored wall art

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Hello everyone :)
My room is finally coming into a form, soon will share all its pictures. You might want to ask why i just don't share them right away, actually i don't share until i am satisfied. What happens mostly is we imagine something and it turns out like s**t in real. at least happens 98% of the time with me :\

So it all started when one of my bedroom's wall was still missing the decoration (to be very honest i still feel like it is incomplete, will try something more). i went on a hunt randomly without anything in mind. I had a huge frame that wanted to be on that wall but could not have my picture in it as it was the side where i face to pray ( Muslims cant pray when there is a picture or statue in front of them)
I wanted to get artistic, as always and on my quest i found these golden disposable plates. i grabbed a pack of 25 as it was only for 1.25 kd
Then i bought a few mirrors of the same size from 100 fils shop, and broke the frames to keep take the mirrors out. and i also bought one rectangular mirror with golden frame

The plates
Coming back home i dug in to find something to make it more interesting. I had a lot of penny sized mirrors left from my wedding so decided to use those.

all the materials:
the 3 kinds of mirrors, plates and Gluegun

I arranged them on the floor too see what exactly would look good.
oh and I painted the frame in pink too as this gold was not what would go with my room.
Then i used glue gun to stick all the mirrors in plates.

Started to stick them on wall as decided, the rectangular mirror first then one by one the plates.

The pattern changed because i tried to stick them with double sided tape first and BAM! 3 of them broke :(
anyway, kept on sticking till was .
DONE! And there i am telling you that its looking amazing :') 

Another shot. 
The golden reflection you see in the mirrors is my ceiling. Don't get mad. Will post about it too :)

And another one.
How i love my new sofas :') oh and the wainscoted wall too :') (that post is pending too, please don't kill me :D)

The plated really really give the look of metal and and looks really really beautiful!
this project is wayyyyy easier than you can imagine. just a bit of glue and you're done. literally.

If you try it out, do post on my wall :)


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cute little cat beds

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Ahem ahem..!!!
Hey! *grining*
how you doin *still grining*
Name's Bond... James Bond!
Alright alright i am cutting it.
I just wanted to cover up my embarrassment. I've been busy, Really busy for the past few months and couldn't keep the blog updated, though i do have a few complete and incomplete projects to be shared. well just bear with me and i'll try my best to keep posting stuff.
That being said, i'd like to thank you all for being the biggest part of my journey, without whom i wont be able to succeed in my life, Thank you for making a Facebook family of 1500 members. receiving your comments and random messages of appreciation actually makes my life a lot a lot a lot happier. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH *Wipes a tear, grabs a tissue and shuuuu!!!*

As a token of gratitude, I've a surprise for you all that will be announced at the end of this post.

Coming to the project of today i want you see these night stands first HERE
Remember these? 
my little folks i had in my old room.
Because of some reason i had to put a full-stop to their use but loved them too much to leave them behind. so i decided to renovate them AGAIN and turn them to something more than a night stand.
I've always been a cat person and love love love making stuff for them. those cute little things (a bit mean though :/ ) deserve all of you, don't they :')

So this time I've turned these stands into cats beds.


The pink and black one is for female cats that reads "BE CLASSY... BE A CAT"
Of coarse you have to be a cat in order to be classy, do you really think there is another option??

The black one that is for big Man cats reads " IF I SLEEPS... DO NOT DISTURB". I've no idea why but whenever i imagine cats talking i imagine them doing it with this grammar "i hungry" "i eat" "i happy". Weird brain i have!

here it is again.
sad and demanding attention!

all painted with 2 coats, can you feel its excitement??
well, i can! its smiling at me with big bright eyes (AH! TOO MUCH DRAMA!  actually scary too :S)

For the pink one i just painted the top and edges in pink rest was all black too.

While painting, make sure to give proper time to dry between coats. i gave 3 coats of each.
 Done withe base. it was time to use creativity and GOOGLE :D hand paint the design and qoutes you want on top or wherever.

Add in some glitter too to make it pop!
this pic was supposed to be posted later but... 
its ok. Enjoy :P

 Write something at the back wall to make it more personalized.

decorate to your hearts will.
i used pom pom lace that was complementing my fur cushions perfectly.

Next step is to close the bottom. just stick in some fabric and your good to go.

Now place a comfy cushion in there and watch your cat never getting out of it!



this made me giggle!
But If someone actually becomes a cat while i sleep and annoys me the same way cats do... they wont see the next day :|

How i miss my baby maaoon! Sigh! :(

SO ladies and gentlemen, here's the announcement i wanted to make.
these beds are a token of gratitude and are up for a give away contest.
The contest details are on my Facebook page.
you can make your own or win one of these by following simple guidelines :)
Good luck everyone!

Don't throw away old stuff treasure it and help saving the environment :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An earrings display frame

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Hello there :) Look what i have for my pretty ladies today, something that will not take any out of the world material. 80% chances are you already have them and in this holiday season you can make it for your loved ones. i guarantee you, they would kiss your hands ;) 

Color scheme according to my peacock theme, 
I just loved the way it turned out!

You wont believe how EASY and SIMPLE it is...
List of supplies:
a nice frame of preferred size, shape and color.
a cheap plastic place mat.
paints (optional)
chain. beads, lace, etc (optional)
glue gun.

Firstly I painted my frame with blue and green, just to highlight the detail a bit. And I didn't make it any neat, it was in rough coats, i'll show in the closeup shots.

Blue was to be done yet in this picture.

i then measure the size i needed to cut according to frame and cut it out. now because my mat was silver it was highly required to paint it gold, but just the gold borders didn't do the justice so i painted the petals blue.
and yet again blue was to be painted here. (SORRY!!!)

Done with the painting process, i glued it in the frame and added cahin in the inner border of the frame to give a more neat look.


You can see in all the closeup shots that painted strokes are really rough.

And once again the complete shot :)

This a really really must have addition on your dressing table because frankly, I at least  need to have everything right in front of my eyes when i get ready, or else i forget what I've got :| (my sister in law calls me "goldfish memory"

Do share your project with me if you make one, i'd love to learn from your ideas too!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY Bling bling curtain

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Life has been getting busier day by day and soooooo many of my stuff is unfinished and finished projects are unpublished! This project is what i finished in august and here i am writing about it in NOVEMBER. And please excuse me while i also complain about how the time is flying ! it was my BIRTHADAY last week, I am 26 already, lion king was produced 21 years back, "dilwale dulhania le jaenge" (romantic super hit Indian movie) is 20 yrs old already, HOW??? and WHY??? I JUST FEEL TOO OLD NOW :(
anyways... that's what we call life and it will go on...
Lets start up with today's project as the title shows its one hell of bling bling curtain :D you do know how much i love all blings and glitters:D so ladies and gentlemen here i present you my hand mande curtain with double valance :D
i'll repeat here what i always say : "isnt it LOVE!!!" :p

Now the tragedy is i was in a hurry when i was making these and I forgot to take step by step pics. but I'll write everything in detail and trust me its really really REALLY easy to build. the good news is I filmed the tough part i.e plaiting the top.
My window is 3mtrs wide so I'll write all the materials to build the valance boxes first.

MDF or ply wood 12mm thick
Get it cut into 4 pieces of 20x10 cm
1 piece of  20x120
1 piece of 20x300 cm (you have to adjust the size according to your window)
4 hooks to hang them! 
wood glue and nails (if using ply wood) or screws (if using mdf)

You are going to join the two 15x20 cm pieces on the edges of both the long boards maing a "U".
Use alot of glue to bond it and the secure with nails or screws.
Here's a rough idea what it should look like.

Once you're done with building the valances, you will start the plaiting on it.
I used stretch fabric in metallic gold, using stretchable material will make it look more neat.
After the plaiting was done I secured ONLY the top ends with glue gun and left the fringe at bottom. just cut if the fringe is uneven. Watch the video for the plaiting process.
(the video might be a bit odd as it was my first time :D)

Next is just stitching the curtain, hem it and hang it on the regular curtain rod.
To make the top valance a bit more bling I used a nice string lace randomly allover it, and on the bottom valance i cut around 15 pieces of string lace and attached in the middle directly to the board with glue gun.
For the elegant flowy side panels I didnt stitch or hem it. Just held each orner and stuck it with glue gun on boardleaving enough space to make that pretty "U". Then used the same strings to fill that "U".
Once done with all, hang the pretty valances and give you room an entirely new look.



Next project is going to be the ceiling stenciling i did. seriously giving your ceiling a makeover can make a real dramatic change in your room.
you can see a bit of stenciled part in this picture.

Oh and lets not forget the cost:
fabric around 8kd 
the string lace 1.5 kd for whole roll from friday market
mdf 4,5 kd and 1 kd for cutting
this curtain cost roughly 15 kd, while a pro would charge 60+ kd 

Leave a comment below what you think about it. 
I love hearing from you all and definitely love seeing you creat something new!
Share when ever you do as i learn from you all too :)


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Huge Clock Gets Makeover

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Finally I am writing a blog. After 2 long, busy and sick months, actually still sick i am. my nose is so runny feels like I've a part of Niagara fit in there (EWW!) and lets just not talk about the itchy the coughy and what not throat, i fear my throat would burst, my ribs would break and my brain would fall out of my head due to the stupid pressure cough puts me through. Oh I am so hating it and missing my healthy self so much :'( never take any of the blessings for granted! 
And btw 
(I hope it looks like one :D)
Now coming to the topic, as you all know i started to do my room back in July, here is an update.
1. painting my walls is done.
2. stenciling the ceiling is done'
3. curtains are done
4. half wall wainscoting is done
5. the corner shelf is built but the painting and designing part is left
6. a clock makeover for my room is done.

So you see i have quite a few blogs to be written in row in upcoming days and I promise this time I wont take ages.
and also beside the room i have a few more tiny projects done and my most favorite of them is "DOLCE AND GABBANA STYLE FLORAL GLASSES". Cant wait to share that :')

And the project today i am sharing is the clock makeover.

you wont believe the price i got it for. it was just 1kd, from old Friday market. People keep asking me how do you find such awesome stuff there.
My only formula is that make a clear concept in your mind of the look you want, and go for hunt, you come across so many pretty things over there that literally cost a few fils or a few dinar for some furniture pieces. Sometimes the color may not be the one you looking for, but thats what paints are made for :D
PAINTS!!! my super super suuuuuper hero! Cant imagine my life or in fact the universe without it.
This time no before pic because my excitement makes me crazy and i forget about taking pictures.
but here's a during pic:

All I used was acrylic paint and gold paint.
Wanted it to be solid green but that was killing the details so i just took a wet sponge and light wiped off the wet paint from the details.
the just highlighted a few spots with gold paint. LOVED how it turned out and Love how its a perfect addition to my peacock theme

closeup shots are from bottom angle as i am too short and the clock is too high on wall :P
Its literally huge, sizes about 80cm long and 30cm wide. HUGE!!!

And another one.

see how peacock-ish it is :')

clock 1kd
green paint 1kd
gold paint .5 kd
total: 2,5 plus unlimited awesomenessssss!!! 

the next project to be shared is the curtain i designed. hopefully will post on saturday.
till then have fun, be creative and live your moments to fullest :)